About us


JAWIR is a creative, communal and timeless platform, where everyone can be induced through hearing, seeing, tasting and feeling of utmost traditional senses in an environmentally-sound space, while being touched by its sense of togetherness, completed and supported with many unique locally grown brands. Besides that, JAWIR is also a place to devote individual and group creativity, where everyone—senior and young generation—could blend together without any gap. JAWIR is the right place to find or even be part of warm and memorable events as an aware and open community.


Our Vision

  1. To build a creative communal space.
  2. To present a communal place with a strong positioning within local people and the tourism market.
  3. To provide a space for local brands to develop into a bigger business.
  4. To grow as a supportive platform for many artists to perform and exhibit their artworks.
  5. To be known as a new landmark of Yogyakarta for domestic and International tourists.
  6. To become a hangout place where everyone could blend together.
  7. To offer a place that accommodates many aspects of life, from stimulating inspirations, reflecting ways of thinking, sharing and collaborating ideas.
  8. To make a playful sphere where people could connect and explore themselves.
  9. To establish a great image as a creative communal space.

Our Mission

  1. Creating an aware and open community.
  2. Building a supportive platform for local artists to perform and exhibit their artworks.
  3. Maintaining the vision as it was and expanding progressively to be a place that belongs to everyone, for everyone, and to be kept by everyone.
  4. Providing a specific corner for customers to enjoy their time within the environment that makes them feel like home.
  5. Being selective on filtering tenants based on strict company guidelines.
  6. Delivering a nice, warm, and memorable service flow towards customers.
  7. Responding quickly in helping to solve problems or issues experienced by vendors.
  8. Executing a bullseye marketing plan and cross marketing with many sides to gain effective results within targeted range of budget.
  9. Collaborating with many events that bridge market demand with its issue but still within our company guideline.

Our Team

Jawir Space Team